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Insty-Drive Sets

The INSTY-DRIVE® System provides a speedy alternative for driving screws and fasteners.

Use an 827/828 Series countersink or an 837/838 Series drill adapter to drillpilot or clearance hole. Then, simply snap the INSTY-DRIVEĀ® extension onto the 1/2" hex collar and insert the appropriate bit into the 1/4" end of the extension to drive the fastener. The system is especially effective when installing many fasteners of the same size. The extension accepts and drives any 1/4" hex power driver bit.

  • 87804 Insty-Drive set - 4" inch extension only
  • 87806 - #6 Countersink Set
  • 87808 - #8 Countersink Set
  • 87810 - #10 Countersink Set
  • 87887- # 8 set with 7/16" Brad point Drill